Thursday, May 26, 2011


Here are pictures from snorkelling in Cozumel!

Our first night on the boat! Ready to spend some much needed time with my Hubby!
Me and my BFF Sunny! It was way fun to get to spend time together after 4 long years! Here we are with our waiter Wayan.These were some of our tablemates. They were actually from Liberal and remember both me and Derek from Seward County. Kind of funny what a small world it is. One of the many beautiful sunsets we got to see!Getting ready to go snorkel in Cozumel!The boats docked in Cozumel!Our hot husbands! On the stingray boat in Grand Caymans!Getting ready to snorkel in Grand Caymens!Enjoying the BLUE BLUE Water!All dressed up for formal night!
Saying goodbye! Hopefully not for another 4 years!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Easton Bannock Boys Baseball

Easton is almost done with his baseball season and here are a few pictures. Derek is coaching and it started out a little rough. Derek had a little yelling problem and Easton didn't handle it well and ended up in tears most games. While we were on vacation Derek read a baseball book by Augie Garrido, Texas Longhorn Baseball coach. It did him good. He has been alot more laid back and no yelling. Easton is enjoying having his Dad coach again! Easton is quite the little hitter. He hits alot of line drives to the outfield and has a great swing! He has been playing 3rd base and getting more aggressive. It is fun to be back at the baseball field. I miss it!!!!