Friday, July 20, 2012

Grandma Sherry

We had to say goodbye to Grandma Sherry today.  She was diagnosed with a brain tumor in Feb. and after several hard months of battling, she passed away today.  We knew she didn't have much time left and so we went to see her this morning.  A few minutes after we walked out of the room, she passed away.  I think she was just waiting to say goodbye to "her" kids.  I am so thankful for Sherry and the wonderful woman that she was.  I have always been so sad that my husband and kids were never be able to meet my Grandma Bell but Sherry had been an amazing Grandma to my kids.  From the pumpkin patch to Ross Park in the summer, to piano lesson with Easton to fun times in St. George, she has been an amazing, loving Grandma.  She has treated us all like we have always been her family.  I am so thankful that Sherry was able to be buried in McCammon with my Grandma Bell and Berkley.  Now Berkley has two Grandmas to watch over him! We love you Grandma Sherry!!